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Porsche Cabriolet - Vinyl Window Restoration

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Flexible vinyl rear windows are extremely scratch-sensitive and also tend to become yellow and dull with age. SWISSVAX Vinyl Clear was developed for gentle care and restoration of flexible vinyl windows making small to medium-sized scratches disappear, making the window become more transparent again.

Total work time: 2 - 3 hours (incl. Posh Wash)

Ferrari F355 Spider - Lotos Protectant Application

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We have treated the convertible textile soft top of the F355 with Swissvax Lotos Protectant. Lotos Protectant is the perfect long-term protection for convertible textile soft tops against all environmental impacts such as rain, road dirt, salt as well as insect- or bird droppings.

Total work time: 2.5 hours (incl. Posh Wash)


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