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Looking to store your classic or prestige car or motorcycle? Classic Detail's 'ClassicVault' division can offer the finest standards in SA car storage.

Our car storage facilities are ideally situated in a discreet location in Durbanville Industrial Park, just outside Cape Town. We are dedicated to the ultimate care and preservation of your cherished, prestige or classic vehicles and provide short and long term storage, with a choice of available service options, like

  • Pre store inspection and Posh Wash. All fluids checked for leakage and correct levels, tyre pressures checked
  • 'Basic' storage, in dry and secure environment, protected by a cotton cover
  • 'Classic' storage, as before but with a battery conditioner connected
  • 'Premium' storage with vehicle exercise options
  • Optional humidity controlled storage
  • Optional tyre shoes to prevent flat spots (not necessary for modern radial tyres, if inflated properly)
  • Available for drop off or pick up 24 hours, 7 days a week, although prior notice of visits in the evening hours or during weekends and public holidays is required
  • Vehicle collection/delivery by driver
  • Vehicle collection/delivery by transporter
Please find all our service options here.

Whilst your car is with us, we can perform any level of our detailing and paint correction services required and at the end of your storage period your vehicle will be released from storage in pristine condition.

After all, it's better to store than restore!

Your car may not only be valuable, it may also be irreplaceable. You can be confident that our storage's security is extensive, effective and more than adequate to protect your vehicle. Using leading edge remotely monitored alarm systems, smoke detection, inside and outside CCTV and the services of a Security Firm, conducting monitoring and armed response, we endeavour to ensure the highest level of security.