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Leather is tanned animal skin. It is a natural product of unsurpassed aesthetic beauty, with natural scars and blemishes. Leather has a long life and is extremely durable. Even so, after a short time it is possible that leather may be damaged. Stains, scrapes, water damage, burns, fading, color bleeding from jeans and drying out are all possible damages that can occur.

We offer a wide range of cleaning, conditioning repair and restoration services for all your leather needs. Cuts, rips, burns, scrapes, scratches, ink, stitching problems, wear and tear or 'jeans bleeding' etc. are all repairable by our expert technicians. Our leather repairs are meant to be permanent solutions, not quick fixes. Our colour-matching skills are unparalleled. Most repairs are invisible, and all repairs are a dramatic improvement over the existing damage, and are structurally sound. The results are dependent on the severity of the damage and the integrity of the leather.

Our leather service department is using exclusively Colourlock Leather Care Products.

Colourlock’s range of leather care products are designed to provide a simple, effective solution for the care of leather furniture, car interiors and clothing.

Made from high quality, non-toxic ingredients, these products will clean and nourish your leather, protecting your valuable investment, and giving you many years of enjoyment.

The following photo set illustrates the re-colouring of some 30 year old car seats: