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Classic Detail is the ultimate super car and prestige vehicle detailing specialists and possess a portfolio of cars which is unrivaled by any other car detailing company in South Africa. Our detailers are solely trained by SWISSVAX master detailers.

Detailing is the performance of an extremely thorough cleaning, polishing and waxing of a car to produce a show-quality level of finish. Besides improving the appearance of the car, detailing helps to preserve the car, and thus, increases its resale value. Every time your car is washed, microscopic grains of dirt are rubbed into the paintwork, causing swirl marks and light scratches, and that the products used may strip away waxes and sealants leaving your paintwork unprotected. Over time this lack of protection and build up of swirl marks can dull your paintwork making it look old and faded. Detailing a car minimizes this risk by using careful washing and cleaning techniques along with high quality products to protect and maintain the finish.

Classic Detail is exclusively using SWISSVAX high performance car care products. SWISSVAX is a handcrafted car care system. Made in Switzerland it is designed to be one of the finest ranges of automotive cosmetic maintenance products in the world.

SWISSVAX started making their waxes in the 1930’s and over the years have been continually adapting and redeveloping them in response to technological changes and their customer needs. Unlike ordinary “polishes” Swissvax waxes do not contain any abrasives just environmentally friendly formulations of natural oils and carnauba wax. This makes them an ideal choice for today’s cars with water based paintwork coatings.

The secret to the protection is the quantity of carnauba wax contained in the waxes (between 30%-76% by volume). Carnauba, taken from a fan palm native to northern Brazil, is the hardest, purest, most transparent, and expensive wax known to man. Once applied it sets hard creating a durable protective shell to prevent the paint from fading and oxidisation as well as repelling acid rain and industrial fallout.

SWISSVAX not only protects your car but creates a look that goes beyond the normal perception of “shiny”. That’s why SWISSVAX products are used by car enthusiasts all over the world and recommended by such manufacturers as Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Spyker and Mercedes Benz, making them the ideal choice for your car.

The investment in state of the art equipment and properly lit enable paint correction to be performed to the highest possible standard. This expenditure has been accompanied by investment in remotely monitored alarm systems, inside and outside CCTV and comprehensive insurance cover, in order to ensure that our client cars are secure and insured whilst in our possession.

Let us transform your car into better than showroom condition.