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Mercedes E500 (W212)

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This latest series E-Class with Ceramic Clearcoat applied to it. Preserving a scratch-free, high gloss finish over a longer vehicle life has challenged the auto industry for decades. One problem is acid etch, degradation of the surface by acid rain in the environment, a major factor in the phenomenon more generally known as weathering; another is scratch resistance to abrasion from many sources, not least of which is the car wash. Ceramic Clearcoat uses nanotechnology to migrate silicon particles to the outer surface of the coating, creating a very thin, hard, glass-like surface. It sets a new standard for scratch resistance, at least three times better than that of any prior coatings but unfortunately, that does not prevent the occurrence of swirls, if the car was washed unprofessionally. We have serviced the vehicle with our Correction Detail and applied SWISSVAX Shield wax. SWISSVAX Shield is an innovative wax formulation from SWISSVAX enriched with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). This is the same material used to coat non-stick kitchenware, and in automotive applications its use imparts a similar non-stick effect that results in contaminants being barely able to adhere to vehicle surfaces. As a result, treated cars are better able to withstand the elements for many months at a time, and are far easier to wash and maintain in between treatments. We recommend SWISSVAX Shield for vehicles that are used daily or used in harsh conditions, i.e. off road. Time used: 20 hours.